National Wax Museum of Lancaster County Heritage

Adjacent to Dutch Wonderland RT 30 East, Lancaster, PA.

Located in the very heart of America's fabulous Pennsylvania Dutch Country, the new National Wax Museum of Lancaster County Heritage presents breathtakingly life-like tableaux of historic events which shaped our country's destiny.
Here visitors of all ages can relive the proud and glorious history of our nation . . . from the days of Indian villages to the present day. You feel that you are actually in the presence of such historical greats as William Penn, Benjamin Franklin, Daniel Boone, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Lafayette . . . and many, many more.
The modern miracle of electronic narration enhances the illusion that you are reliving great moments of our rich historical heritage. You witness memorable events . . . as they happened . . . You are there. Visitors, historians, and students alike recapture vital moments of America's past. Spectacular Grand finale recaptures an authentic Amish barn raising . . . complete with dramatic lighting and full-range triple-phonic stereo sound. -From Museum's Description

History: 1967-2006

Museum type: Historical

Slogan(s): Discover Lancaster from the 1600's to the Present!

Photos: View here.